Stolen (24K Gold)

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4 x 4 inches
Mixed Media & 24K Gold on Wood Panel


The Colombian flag is half yellow; representing the gold Colombia once owned until colonization. The yellow also symbolizes sovereignty and justice. Gold is one of the most important metals in Colombia's history as many ancient artifacts where created with this precious metal.

Now you can decorate your walls with real gold and fine art at an accessible price. You deserve fine art, and the beauty that it brings into your space.

Stolen is made out of 24K gold. The brightness and luxurious finish of a painting with 24K gold is incomparable! The way the light shines on it is almost blinding, the gold morphs itself to different lights and the texture creates even more depth. This is one of the selected paintings in the TIERRA collection that includes real 24K gold. 

This 4x4 inch painting is part of my new Mini Collectibles series. An affordable way to become a new art collector!