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Mixed Media on Wood Panel

11x14 inches


Certificate of Authenticity included

Ponder means to think about something carefully. Your gentle reminder to sit back for a minute and meditate to help you find balance in your live.

 It's a black mirror-like painting with heavy textures and a wet finish. Silver accents highlight the heavy textures.

A little more about this collection:

This collection represents the start of a new journey and a new vision. The name of this collection comes from the angel number 222 that represents you being on the right path and guides you to follow your inner joy. It is also a sign on mental progress, and a portal to new beginnings.

My new body of work has solidified my signature technique of heavy tactile textures contrasted with airy, and gleaming surfaces. It represents a fresh start and gratitude for the future. Each piece in this collection has its own story and its own way of retelling it.

I hope that when you find the piece that speaks to you it can serve you as a reminder of how far you’ve come, and that darkness doesn’t last forever; you deserve a fresh beginning.