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12 x 12 inches
Mixed Media on Wood Panel


(n.) the frustration of knowing how easily you fit into a stereotype, even if you never intended to, even if it’s unfair, even if everyone else feels the same way—each of us trick-or-treating for money and respect and attention, wearing a safe and predictable costume because we’re tired of answering the question, “What are you supposed to be?” (Koenig, 2012)

If you have a connection with this painting, you will know at first sight. I hope that every time you see this painting hanging in your home, you remember your tenacity to face adversity, and break the societal stereotypes and the pressures you face everyday. 

Mimeomia has a deep silver base with multiple layers of delicates inks and golds. A heavy textured gold mimicking mountain ranges hug the entire painting. This painting is heavy, as it was created partly with concrete. The gold reflects differently depending on the light of its habitat. It is the perfect union between vulnerable and tenacious, which is at the centre of the TIERRA collection.