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Mixed Media on Canadian Birch Wood 
10 x 10 inches
(Certificate of Authenticity included)
“Fear” is part of a set with “Walking Through”. It is also a square painting that can go beautifully on its own. This set encompasses the idea of “walking through your fears” rather than avoiding them. Through my recent sobriety journey, I am learning that avoidance to problems, and emotions comes quite easily. However, growth only comes from walking through fear; coming out on the other side with more clarity and love for yourself.
This mixed media painting has multiple layers of various materials including inks, acrylics, pigments, and resin. Each layer acts as a painting of its own while it complements the layers beneath it. Every layer is sealed with UV protective resin, until the painting is complete.
With this body of work, I am aiming to use colour opacities to ignite emotional clarity, portray the beauty that can be found in fear. The painting adapts itself to different lighting and you can see so many different hues depending on how the light hits it! I hope you can get lost in the layers and intricate details like I have!
This painting is signed and dated, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.