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4 x 4 inches
Mixed Media on Wood Panel


(n.) a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details—raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees leaning in the wind, clouds of cream swirling in your coffee—which leads to a dawning awareness of the haunting fragility of life, a mood whose only known cure is the vuvuzela. (Koenig, 2011)

Ambedo is made up of concrete, gold paints, and a reflective material that will allow the painting to chameleon itself to the light in its habitat. Flashing a light on the painting will change its colours and activate a reflective wash across the entire painting. The intricate textures and tones in this painting act as a reminder to always embrace the little beauties in life.

This 4x4 inch painting is part of my new Mini Collectibles series. An affordable way to become a new art collector!