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Mixed Media on Canvas

5x5 inches


Eclipses bring rapid chances and guide us toward our best path.

This mini painting is a reminder to embrace those life-changing moments when your inner voice says it's time for a shift. Trust your intuition – that's your inner truth speaking!


"Solitude no es Soledad" is my newest and only collection in 2023. The Spanglish title reads solitude is not loneliness. A suiting description for this pivotal point in my artistic career as I reshape my relationship with my work, my health, and myself, while honoring the healing powers I have found in creativity. 

This collection and the process behind it honors my body, my mind and my soul. A mandatory slower, but more intentional pace has taught me to come back into my body, and listen to my inner wisdom. The only type of wisdom you can find in solitude, after years of loneliness. The wisdom that truly coming home to yourself brings.

This work is intentional, it's raw, and honest. These mini paintings were made during the spam of 12 months, they became a thread of hope amidst chaos. But they also taught me self-care through my work, and pulled me out of an endless burn out cycle.

These minis serve as a reminder that we can crack (and we will), but our inner light will always shine though.

You can live slower, you can prioritize your health, and creativity can always be that thread of hope that helps us find ourselves. So try to live in your truth, the rest will follow